First-Aid Training Saves Lives

by Taylor Agency Staff on December 4, 2011

Immediate response to workplace accidents, injuries and medical events saves lives and minimizes future disability. On-the-scene help for chemical burns, especially to the eyes; severe cuts and amputations; crush and head-impact injuries; heart attacks; strokes; seizures and other potentially deadly or debilitating events can prevent further injury to the victim while professional medical assistance is on the way.

Training in CPR, the use of a defibrillator (and access to one in the workplace), tourniquet application, movement of debris in a crush injury and movement of the victim can greatly improve the chances that an emergency will not deteriorate into confusion or result in a greater degree of injury. Offer training to employees as part of their overall work experience. Check with your local hospital and Red Cross to find accredited training programs. Also, emphasize that untrained individuals should not take remedial actions on their own if at all possible, since serious injuries to the victim can result from improper treatment and movement.

Remember to practice safety first and post emergency contact numbers and procedures in visible spots throughout your facility.


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