Football, Alcohol and the Night Shift

by Taylor Agency Staff on October 19, 2016

It’s football season, and that means that many employees come to work after watching the game with buddies. They come to stock shelves, to work late holiday hours and just to man their normal night shifts. But what about those who come to work after an afternoon or evening of football and alcohol?

Employees working while under the influence of alcohol are a major concern for employers. Here are several steps recommended by the U.S. Department of Labor to handle an employee who is suspected of being intoxicated on the job.

1. Escort the employee to a private area to inquire about the behavior.
2. If possible, call in another supervisor or manager who can serve as a reliable witness.
3. Inform the employee of your concerns and get his/her explanation.
4. Notify senior management.
5. Based upon the employee’s response, place the employee on suspension until a formal investigation is conducted.
6. Arrange for the employee to be escorted home.
It is important to proceed with caution and to document any actions you take. And remember, if the employee is in no shape to work, he or she is in no condition to drive.

Source: US Department of Labor’s elaws®

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