Office Parties and Alcohol

by Taylor Agency Staff on December 4, 2011

The holiday office party—the age-old ritual. Relaxation, laughs, eggnog and, oh yes, alcohol.

If your business is planning an office party that will include alcohol, remember to practice some risk management up front and during the party. Include a reminder about designated drivers in the invitation. Offer special non-alcoholic “boat drinks” or other fun refreshments for designated drivers. Post the number for taxi service at the bar as closing time approaches, and put out a basket for donations for those who need help paying for a cab. Limit the number of free drinks by issuing drink tickets; then, have the bar staffed by someone who will cut off patrons who over-imbibe.

Here’s a Web site that has lots of information on preventing drunk driving: The site also offers some quizzes and practical ideas that can help your employees enjoy the party more responsibly.

Source: The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

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