Protecting Passwords

by Taylor Agency Staff on March 3, 2016

Data thieves are professionals. Hacking into password-protected programs is a simple practice for those eager to swipe your business’ important information.

Because passwords are your first line of defense, choose passwords that are difficult to decode. Changing them often can also prove a strong defense against intrusion. Information security experts recommend:

– Change passwords often—at least every 30 days. Never keep a password longer than 90 days.
– Never use proper names.
– Avoid any words that appear in English or foreign-language dictionaries.
– Use a blend of upper and lower case letters in combination with at least one numeral.
– To help you remember the password, use a mnemonic device like the first letter of each word in a favorite phrase or song title.
– Use password management or encryption software.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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