Hurricane Season: June – November

by Taylor Agency Staff on May 30, 2017

As a coastal state, South Carolina is now entering hurricane season. Here is how you should prepare for it.


Get the Right Insurance Coverage
Talk with your agent about Wind & Hail Insurance, Flood Insurance, and Named Storm Coverage. Once a storm maintains 38mph winds, it earns itself a name. More importantly, the damage from a named storm can affect your deductible, so start asking insurance coverage questions right now.

Get Weather Notifications can send you alerts when bad weather is headed your way. These kinds of alerts give you the chance to weather proof your home before serious damage can take a hold.

Get a Survival Plan in Order
Building a strong survival plan is paramount. Remember these 8 steps to help you build your plan from start to finish.

(1) LEARN what to expect.
(2) PREPARE yourself and family.
(3) Travel to SAFETY.
(4) WAIT patiently for a safe return.
(5) ASSESS any losses.
(6) REPORT your claim.
(7) DOCUMENT everything with receipts and pictures.
(8) PREVENT any further loss while waiting for your claim.

Here are some helpful resource links for building your survival plan.

LEARN (step 1)
-The Expected Level of Destruction from CAT Hurricanes –

-Locate and Understand your Flood Zone –

PREPARE (step 2)
-DOWNLOAD the FEMA Hurricane/Flood Smart Phone App –

-How to Prepare for a Hurricane –

SAFETY & WAIT (step 3 & step 4)
-Evacuation Live 5 Local News Updates –

ASSESS (step 5)
-How to Recover from a Hurricane –

-Emergency Damage Control Tips: Water –

-Assessing Flood Damage –

REPORT & DOCUMENT (step 6 & step 7)
-Claims/Disaster Recovery Specific for You, Our Client –

PREVENT (step 8)
-Emergency Damage Control Tips: Water –

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