Playing Doctor

by Taylor Agency Staff on December 4, 2011

When it comes to job-related illness or injury, employees and employers often believe they can determine the severity of an incident and whether treatment by a professional is needed. Making such assessments might seem, on the surface, quite straightforward, but frequently what appears to be a minor event can evolve into a series of problems. That’s when workers compensation claims arise.

Infections, allergic reactions or, in some cases, continued exposure can result in significant work loss—all of which likely could have been avoided were proper attention given immediately to the illness or injury.

Employers must understand they are responsible for directing employees in a manner consistent with state laws concerning treatment and workers compensation coverage. Employers must always be cautious of the unpredictable, long-term effects of illness and injury.

It’s not worth playing doctor, even in seemingly minor cases. Always follow your state’s workers comp reporting guidelines, and ask us if you have any questions about your coverage or carrier requirements.


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