Personal Insurance Coverage Serving Charleston, SC

Your home, your car, and your personal belongings may be some of your most valued assets. Personal lines insurance is designed to protect them by providing coverage for physical damage as well as liability protection. With the right personal lines protection, we can get you back on track in the event of an unfortunate loss.

Most personal lines insurance carriers offer a variety of discounts on personal lines insurance, so we do the work for you – researching different companies and options – to present you with recommendations that adequately protect your investments while taking advantage of cost savings.

Charleston Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home or a condominium, you need a Charleston insurance policy that will provide coverage for the value of the buildings or part of a building that you own, your contents, and your personal liability exposures.

A renter’s policy will protect your personal property and your personal liability exposures.

Homeowners and Renters Coverage:

Building (Dwelling) Coverage – be sure your insurance covers the full replacement value of your home so that losses, partial and total, will be paid without a penalty – other than the policy deductible. We’ll review with you what types of losses are covered, which are not, and what additional coverages you may want to consider.

Personal Property (Contents) (provided under ALL forms – owners or renters) – your personal property such as clothes, tables, chairs, beds, etc. are covered anywhere in the world. If you own a home, 50% of your dwelling value is included for your personal property. More can be purchased, if needed. If you are a renter or condo owner, you must choose how much coverage you will need. We’ll talk with you about what limitations are right for you.

Loss of Use (provided under ALL forms – owners or renters) – when your property is damaged by a covered loss, you may have to go somewhere else to live until repairs can be made. You may also have to spend extra money for other things such as eating or driving to work. Your homeowner policy will provide you with a certain amount of money to pay these additional expenses.

Taking a Home Inventory | Know Your Stuff –
(this is a link to’s FREE Home Inventory Software)
You never know when a disaster may strike—but you can be prepared with a home inventory.This software will help you create a room-by-room inventory of your personal possessions.

Automobile Insurance

You have many choices when it comes to insuring your motor vehicle. However, some restrictions and mandates are required by state law. In South Carolina, you are required to carry Liability Insurance to protect against the harm your car, or any car you drive, with the owner’s permission, might do to other people and their property. Additionally, there are other coverages that you should consider or may be required to purchase if you have a loan on your vehicle:

Uninsured Motorists – adding this coverage protects against the injuries you, your family, or your passengers might suffer in a hit-and-run accident or in an accident with an uninsured vehicle.

Collision Coverage – with this insurance, your insurer pays you, without regard to fault, for damage to your car.

Comprehensive Coverage – under comprehensive coverage, your insurer pays you, without regard to fault, for damage to your car from all causes, other than collision, such as theft (of the car itself or its parts), fire, flood, windstorm, glass breakage, vandalism, hitting or being hit by an animal, or by falling or flying objects. If your car is stolen comprehensive coverage will also provide a certain amount per day specified in your policy for transportation expenses (rental car, public transportation, etc.). Generally, this coverage is provided until the time the company makes an offer to settle your claim.

Medical Payments Coverage – this insurance pays, without regard to fault, medical expenses and funeral expenses for you and persons riding with you, if an accident occurs involving your car.

Other Coverages
Towing and Labor Coverage
Extended Transportation Coverage (Rental Reimbursement)

Personal Umbrella Insurance

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like one!
Liability limits provided by a standard automobile or homeowner’s policy usually aren’t enough for $1 million and up law suits.
Personal Umbrella Liability Policies with limits of $1 million to $5 million are available. This coverage is in excess of the liability coverage provided by your auto and homeowners policy and is very affordable. It also covers attorney expenses.

Boats and Other Watercraft Insurance

Unique exposures require unique coverages that are not included in your homeowners or auto policies. Consider the following when looking for any watercraft insurance package:

Roadside assistance if you trailer breaks
• On-water towing
• Wreckage removal
• Fishing equipment

Jewelry and Fine Arts

One-of-a-kind items such as jewelry, paintings, sculptures, etc., need special coverages, too. How do you put a value on your grandmother’s wedding ring? This type of property is not usually covered under a standard homeowner’s policy. Ask about a special “floater” that will insure specific items at an agreed-upon value.

Charleston Flood Insurance

Consider these facts:
• Water is more likely than fire to damage your home.
• Your homeowners insurance does not cover flooding.
• One third of flood loss claims are outside high flood-risk areas.

Flood insurance is a Federal program and is available through Taylor Agency. Let’s talk about how you can make sure your home is protected against flood.