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Below you will find Claims Contact Information for most of our carriers.

In order to report a claim, you must contact your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier’s claims contact information can be found on:

* Your Auto ID cards
* Your Policy
* Your Most Recent Billing Statement

If you know the name of your carrier, use our searchable Carrier List Below.

Need to report a claim and don’t see your carrier listed?
Some carriers require us to report your claim on your behalf, so you may need to call our agency directly during normal business hours at 1-843-762-1805.

Property and Casualty

CarrierClaims Number
Accident Insurance (Madison Ins. Co.)(800) 638-1120
Ace Commercial Risk Services(800) 433-0385
Ace Private Risk Services(800) 945-7461
AIG (Private Client Group Commercial)(888) 393-6828
AIG (Private Client Group, Private Client Select, Lexington)(877) 244-0304
ALL Risks, LTDCall Taylor Agency
American Agency Assoc.(800) 375-2075
American Bankers Ins.(800) 245-1505
American Interstate Ins.(800) 699-6240
American Modern Insurance(800) 375-2075
American Reliable Ins.(800) 245-1505
American Service Insurance (Atlas Financial Holdings)(800) 897-2551
AmTrust Technology Ins.(866) 272-9267
AmWINS BrokerageCall Taylor Agency
Appalachian UW(888) 376-9633
Arcadian Risk Managers(800) 338-6784 x233
ASI Underwriting Corp. (American Strategic Ins)(866) 274-5677
Auto Owners (Afterhours Emergency Claims Only)(888) 252-4626
Auto Owners (Commercial)Call Taylor Agency
Auto Owners (Flood)(877) 254-6819
Auto Owners (General Claims, Personal)Call Taylor Agency
Auto Owners (Workers Compensation)(800) 437-0519
Bass UnderwritersCall Taylor Agency
Beacon Hill Assoc.Call Taylor Agency
Bollinger, Inc.(877) 718-0375
Builders Ins. Group(800) 883-9305
Builders Mutual Ins.(800) 809-4859
Burns & Wilcox (North Carolina, Charlotte)(800) 498-1600
Cabrillo Coastal(866) 482-5246
Capitol Preferred Ins.(888) 388-2742
Centauri Insurance (Centauri Specialty)(866) 215-7574
CHUBB(800) 252-4670
CHUBB (Workers Comp)(800) 699-9916
CNA(877) 262-2727
CNA Surety(877) 262-2727
Companion Prop&Cas. Group (Auto Glass)(800) 359-5705
Companion Prop&Cas. Group (Commercial)(800) 845-2724
Condon & Skelly (NSM York Risk Group)(800) 257-9496
Continental Special Risks (Risk Placement Services)(770) 442-8727
CoverX(248) 204-0411
Employers Assurance Co.(800) 232-3085
Fidelity National Ins.(904) 997-7700
Foremost Ins. Co. (Commercial Other)(800) 435-7764
Foremost Ins. Co. (Personal)(800) 527-3907
Foremost Ins. Co. (Workers Compensation)(866) 967-5256
Foremost Ins. Co. (Zurich Small Commercial Business)(913) 827-5007
Frontline Inslurance(800) 675-0145
Geovera Holdings (Coastal Select)(800) 774-1012
Geovera Specialty Ins. (Appalachian UnderWriters)(800) 631-6478
Geovera Specialty Ins. (National Risk Solutions)(800) 631-6478
Great American Insurance Group(800) 545-4269
Guarantee Insurance Co.(866) 479-1554
Guard Ins. Group(888) 639-2567
Gulf Stream Property & Casualty Insurance(866) 485-3005
Hagerty Ins. Agency(800) -922-4050
Harleysville(800) 759-8656
Heritage Insurance(855) 415-7120
Homeowners of America Ins. Co.(866) 407-9896
Hull & CompanyCall Taylor Agency
IronshoreCall Taylor Agency
Ironshore Specialty(877) 476-6411
Johnson & Johnson(800) 487-7565 x5024
Joint UW Assoc.(864) 240-5400
Key Risk(866) 847-8872
Liberty Mutual (Montgomery)(800) 561-0178
Liberty Mutual Ins. Group (Commercial)(800) 532-7706
Liberty Mutual Ins. Group (Personal)(800) 225-2467
Lighthouse Property Insurance Corp.(877) 852-0606
Lloyd's of LondonCall Taylor Agency
Main Street America Group(877) 425-2467
Markel (Evanston)(800) 362-7535
Markel (FirstComp)(888) 500-3344
Markel (Thomco)(800) 362-7535
National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA)(800) 637-3846
NCCI, Inc.Call Taylor Agency
Orchid Insurance
Peachtree Special Risk(800) 433-3071
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual(800) 752-1895
Pennsylvania National(800) 766-2245
Pennsylvania National (Glass Claims)(800) 330-3038
Pennsylvania National (Workers Compensation)(800) 374-4990
Personal Umbrella Ins. ServicesCall Taylor Agency
Philadelphia Ins. Co.(800) 765-9749
Praetorian Ins. Co.(877) 772-6771
Preferred Specialty(800) 738-4800
Progressive(800) 776-4737
PURE Ins. Co.(888) 813-7873
Quaker Special RiskCall Taylor Agency
Risk Placement Services (RPS) / Continental(844) 777-8323
Safeco(800) 332-3226
SageSure Insurance Managers (Federated)(800) 293-2532
SageSure Insurance Managers (Interboro)(904) 421-6277
SageSure Insurance Managers (Occidental, IAT Group)(800) 780-8423
Saint Johns Insurance Company(877) 748-2059
SC Home Builders SIF(800) 678-8178 x110
SC Patients Compensation Fund(864) 240-5400
Scottsdale(800) 423-7675
Seacoast BrokersCall Taylor Agency
Selective(866) 455-9969
Service Insurance Company (Flood)(800) 759-8656
Service Insurance Company (IAT Insurance Group)(800) 780-8423
South Carolina Wind & Hail Underwriters Assoc. (SCWHUWA)(800) 236-1873
Southern Cross UW(800) 833-4684 x132
Southern Fidelity Ins. Co.(866) 722-4995
Strategic Comp(800) 467-7725
Summit Consulting(800) 762-7811
Surety OfficeCall Taylor Agency
SWBC(800) 527-0066
Tapco(800) 334-5579
The Flood Insurance Agency(877) 356-6348
The Kimbrell Co.Call Taylor Agency
Travelers (Commercial)(800) 238-6225
Travelers (Personal)(800) 252-4633
United Property and Casualty (UPC)(888) 256-3378
Universal North America(866) 999-0898
Universal North America (Flood)(877) 254-6819
Universal Property & Casualty(800) 218-3206
US Assure (Zurich Builders Risk)(800) 987-3373
Us Assure (Zurich Small Business, Farmers)(800) 800-3907
Victor O. Schinnerer & Co.Call Taylor Agency
Willis of New HampshireCall Taylor Agency
Wright Flood(800) 725-9472



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American General

Auto-Owners Insurance
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West Coast Life
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Long Term Care

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